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Change and transition - whether it's a life change, a personal change, or a relationship issue - is always difficult. But with compassionate caring and directive support, the journey can be exciting and completely rewarding.

 I am dedicated and passionate about helping people make the changes they need to lead more fulfilling lives and have deeper and healthier relationships. I believe in treating my clients with respect, compassion, and thoughtful consideration.   My twenty-five years of working in the field of psychotherapy as well as my personal experience have given me the depth to see other people’s issues clearly, and in turn, help them to find more clarity in what they’re grappling with at the moment. The process of exploring our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in the presence of a compassionate therapist, can be life-chasing and rewarding.

My therapeutic style is both user-friendly and down-to-earth, while also being direct and practical. I hold the emotional space for clients to feel safe and heard, while at the same time gently encourage them to work on the changes they want to make.  I want to help them get where they want to go. With couples, I am actively hands-on in the sessions, often doing micro-coaching as the couple interacts with each other.  I will often give ‘homework’ assignments and have them focus on a specific communication pattern or habit that they want to change.   

I believe in using complimentary outside resources, such as books and articles, podcasts, films, at-home exercises, and, if needed medication referrals. I also will refer to other professionals, such as medical doctors and practitioners when appropriate.

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