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Parkford Counseling Associates

My private practice has expanded to include skilled MFT associates working under my supervision in either our office on Mission Street in Santa Barbara, or our space in Encinitas, CA.  All of our therapists are able to accommodate tele-health sessions via Zoom or other secure mode. The associates are working in private practice as they complete their hours towards licensure, and come highly recommended.   They have diverse trainings and specialties and are all excellent MFT associates who come highly recommended. The associates provide a sliding scale for therapy fees for those needing financial considerations. You may call our general office phone number (805) 687-1674, or reach out to any of them directly.


              Lauren Hayes

                                    MA, AMFT

My approach to therapy is creative, collaborative, and down to earth. I hold space for clients to feel safe and heard, while providing them with tools to create change in their lives. I approach therapy from a person-centered lens that works to promote self-efficacy, a stronger sense of identity, authenticity, and empowerment. 


I offer a special focus of working with teens and young adults. I completed my training at CALM and the Santa Barbara School District, where I gained fluency in working with adolescents who have experienced complex trauma. After years of working with this age group, I’ve developed an affinity for supporting individuals as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. 

My clinical experience includes working with depression, anxiety, non-suicidal self-injury, family conflict, peer relationships, self-esteem, body image issues, PTSD, developmental issues, identity exploration, multiculturalism, and emerging adulthood.


 Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist #127843


(805) 364-3022 II

                Kelli Redfield


                                          MA, AMFT


With a holistic approach, I love to help you go deep, visualize your ideal future, rediscover your hope, reconnect to your childhood joys, and find new perspectives.

If you are an artist or creative, we speak the same language.  We can facilitate hope, resilience, stability, and a sense of autonomy over the nonsensical circumstances of your life.  

Therapeutically, I have experiences with all types of identities. I am comfortable exploring gender, spirituality, and sexuality - and treat the whole person.  Neurodivergence are also a particular interest

Trained in Narrative Therapy, my approach also includes Solutions-focused and Life Design, which are brief, and can be done in 1-3 sessions.

 I am training in Relational Living Therapy (RLT) which is ideal for couples and other partnerships such as mother/daughter dynamics.

I am an experienced creative professional, a storyteller, a song writer, a creative director, that found therapy to be the ultimate place to use these skills.

                       Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 141560


             Phone: (760) 437-6719 II

Elizabeth Schwyzer Smith,
                                  MA, AMFT

Being human can be wild, messy, beautiful, and painful. Whatever has brought you to therapy, it has taken courage and belief in yourself to arrive here. I honor your commitment to your own healing and growth.

I bring warmth, authenticity, curiosity, and a dose of humor to this work. Successful therapy depends on a trusting relationship. I will work to earn your trust, and I welcome feedback about your experience in therapy.

My clinical experience with adults and adolescents includes work with anxiety, depression, sexuality, relationship issues, grief, and life transitions. I bring lived experience to mid-life issues, divorce, and parenting.


My approach is integrative, drawing on existential and humanistic traditions. As a therapist trained in integrated somatic psychotherapy, I will often ask you to reflect on your present moment experience, and to notice reactions in your body. I also draw on my background in writing and the arts to help my clients access deeper levels of experience.

I believe in the human capacity to learn, grow, and heal, and I carry deep admiration for anyone who embarks on this journey.

                        Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 144885

    Phone: (805) 252-0038  II

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